With the onset of the cold season, the development team is putting additional focus on the design of one of the system’s operation in extremely cold climate with air temperatures down to – 40 C. As the system operates using water and a mixture of alkane gas and water vapour, it is important to ensure…
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ArtuPower testing on truck started

We have started the first tests of ArtuPower on a truck. This marks an important stage in the development of the technology and ArtuPower. The technology has been tested in various modes and applications during its development, but there had been no intensive testing on such a high-power engine and environment. The truck will also…
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Insights into ArtuPower

In reaction to many requests regarding ArtuPower and other products developed by ABLabs, we publish an overview of our H2O-CH technology. Our products specifically target the problem of retrofitting existing common rail diesel engines to diesel and alkane gas (such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas (CNG, LNG) and their bio-equivalents (BioLPG, BioCNG) or…
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ABLabs has been featured in the “Latvijas Avīze” supplement “Latvijas Bizness” and information is the information is also available on the online media portal. Information about the company is provided in the “Robežpārkāpejs” section, which covers technology and innovation. The article provides extensive coverage of the company’s product and technology, as well as various…
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ABLabs showcase technology at Baltic VCA Summit 2022

In August the Latvian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association” (LVCA) organized the Baltic VCA Summit 2022 in Riga. The event featured many high-level activities, including discussions about cooperation opportunities, the latest trends in private equity and venture capital markets. Participants shared experiences in investing and raising capital, as well as discuss the challenges and…
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H2O-CH technology is now world-wide patent protected

The ArtuPower product, which is being developed with the support of Norway Grants is a patented protected as part of the “Gas ultrasonic transducer system and method for operating a diesel common-rail engine” (hereinafter H2O-CH) technology. The advantage of the H2O-CH technology is the addition of water vapor to the fuel mixture, which not only…
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Opening event gathers stakeholders and other interested parties

On the 27th of May, ABLabs held the online opening event of the project “Development of “Nordic-CNG”– new type CNG-Diesel-Water technology”. The event gathered both different interested parties, as well as project stakeholders – including Jānis Ločmelis – Director of Norwegian Financial Mechanism Department of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and Segei…
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ABLabs project opening event

On the 27th of May ABLabs welcomes you to participate in the online opening event of the project “Development of “Nordic-CNG”– new type CNG-Diesel-Water technology”. Please register for the event using this form: The core focus of the event is to inform about the importance of addressing the emissions of the mobility sector in…
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ArtuPower development overview

The ABLabs is starting the work the “Development of “Nordic-CNG”– new type CNG-Diesel-Water technology” project. The project will run 18 months and it is planned to develop the “ArtuPower” product, based on the “Gas ultrasonic transducer system and method for operating a diesel common-rail engine” (H2O-CH) technology. The project will be structured in four main…
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ABLabs is supported by Norway Grants with 92 680,00 EUR to develop a novel CNG-Diesel-Water technology for large displacement diesel engines.

On February 2022 ABLabs has signed an agreement with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia for the support of the companys’ project “Development of “NordicCNG” – new type CNG-Diesel-Water technology”