H2O-CH technology is now world-wide patent protected

The ArtuPower product, which is being developed with the support of Norway Grants is a patented protected as part of the “Gas ultrasonic transducer system and method for operating a diesel common-rail engine” (hereinafter H2O-CH) technology. The advantage of the H2O-CH technology is the addition of water vapor to the fuel mixture, which not only ensures a better combustion process of the fuel mixture in the engine, but also ensures the removal of combustion by-products together with the exhaust gases. Additionally, the addition of water vapor to the fuel mixture precludes detonation of the engine under varying loads. The required mixture ratio and injection mechanism is one of the unique solutions protected by intellectual property of the company.

ABLabs has been actively implementing its intellectual property strategy and the H2O-CH technology has been protected now in a wide range of countries worldwide. The technology is protected in whole of the European Union, the USA, as well in many countries in Asia and Africa. For a complete list you can contact us at info@artusystem.com

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants.

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