Artusystem for Climate Impact @ the ‘Climate-KIC Bootcamp 2019’

Artusystem is about efficiency and climate impact, and after the ‘Climate-KIC Bootcamp 2019’ in Frankfurt, we even more see how important our work is and how much technology and green tech is needed to shape a better future for everyone.

Togather with Emilie Normann at the ‘Climate-KIC Bootcamp 2019’ in Frankfurt.

Many thanks to Emilie Normann and the Climate-KIC Team and Bernd Winters and the Provadis Hochschule Team for making the ‘Climate-KIC Bootcamp 2019’ in Frankfurt happen.

As I already said during the closing session, it was an excellent balance between presentations, workshops and networking. New experiences, interesting insights and valuable contacts – I had a great time at Frankfurt. I hope you did too.