Artusystem Dual-Fuel

The patent-protected Artusystem Dual-Fuel solution is built on the Artusystem technology and allows operating the Diesel engine with a mix of LPG as a primary fuel and use 20% Diesel fuel as a secondary fuel. The result is highly reduced emissions generated by the engine. The exact volume depends on the engine retrofitted but ranges around 65% in reduced emissions. Replacing Diesel with LPG has especially high impacts on reducing NOx and Particulate Matter, which are one of the main problems in using Diesel fuel.

Another benefit of using LPG rather than Diesel fuel is better price performance. In most European markets LPG is significantly chapter than Diesel fuel and ranges around 50% in price. This is especially important for commercial transportation, where business has to watch the operating costs of their fleets.

While Artusystem Dual-Fuel offers both great emission improvements and reduced operating costs for Diesel vehicles, other aspects are as important in adoption. Therefore, Artusystem Dual-Fuel is designed to be as simple as possible in usage and installation. Installation requires only 2 hours and no engine modifications are required in the process. However, most importantly, the Artusystem Dual-Fuel system fits all Diesel common-rail engines – meaning one system fits all.

The Artusystem Dual-Fuel solution aligns with the overall EU strategy for sustainable low-emission mobility and alternative fuels in order to meet the climate goals of 2030 and 2050 that are part of the EU’s Green Deal.


The Artusystem Dual-Fuel system is designed to be easy and simple for installation and it takes no more than two hours. It includes the installation of the gas tank and the Artusystem solution.