ArtuPower is a high performance dual-fuel retrofit unit for heavy duty vehicles, trucks, tractors, heavy and specialized machinery with an engine capacity of up to 18 liters that use common-rail technology. ArtuPower is based on the intellectual property of SIA “ABLabs” (patent application no. PCT/EP2020/064219) and is a unique product on the market as it allows the use of water vapor to form a fuel mixture with CNG(BioCNG). Water vapor acts as a catalyst and allows the formation of a mixture of diesel and gas with high gas saturation, thus replacing most of the diesel with “greener” fuel. In addition, water vapor under high compression conditions increases engine efficiency and improves the fuel combustion process, resulting in complete combustion of diesel fuel, improved engine performance and reduced emissions (GHG emissions and harmful emissions).

ArtuPower is constructed and designed to be an universal solution that can be used for common-rail engines, independently of make or model of the vehicle. Furthermore the ArtuPower module is compact in size and is easy to install with main modifications to the vehicle being only the installation of the standard gas parts (reducer, gas tank, piping).

Furthermore, the ArtuPower system features digital integration with user and service Apps. This integrations provides state of the art user experience both for end-users and installers, and gives full insight of efficiency, system status and performance.

The development of ArtuPower is implemented by SIA “ABLabs” with the support of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism’s small grant scheme “Development of Green Innovations and Information and Communication Technology Products” coordinated by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) within the project “Development of “NordicCNG” – new type CNG-Diesel-Water technology” (Agreement Nr. NP-2022/6).