ArtuPower trademark protected

ArtuPower is based on the H2O-CH technology (Gas Ultrasonic Transducer System and Method for Operating Diesel Common-Rail Engines) and is designed for vehicles with up to 18-liter engine displacement. ArtuPower is a dual-fuel solution that adds CNG/BioCNG and water vapor into the engine to reduce diesel consumption. The main focus of ArtuPower is on all kind heavy duty vehicles, including trucks, specialized vehicles, agriculture machinery, buses and diesel generators and will be promoted in countries/regions with developed CNG/BioCNG infrastructure.

In order to strengthen the ArtuPower brand, ABLabs has protected the ArtuPower trademark and the EUROPEAN UNION INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE has respectively issued a CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION for ArtuPower. Among different areas of application, the ArtuPower trademark is protected for following categories: vehicle conversions [engine], vehicle service, repair, maintenance and refueling, assembly [installation] of parts for vehicles; installation of gas supply and distribution apparatus.

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants.

Within the project the “ArtuPower” product will be developed up to the level of TRL8 technology readiness level, and the project duration is expected to be 18 months. The total project budget is 132,400 EUR, with a support of 92 680 EUR is intended with the support of the “Norwegian Financial Mechanism’s small grant scheme”.

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