ArtuPower testing on truck started

We have started the first tests of ArtuPower on a truck. This marks an important stage in the development of the technology and ArtuPower. The technology has been tested in various modes and applications during its development, but there had been no intensive testing on such a high-power engine and environment. The truck will also serve as a base for the development of the beta prototype of ArtuPower, and testing and demonstration of the technology in a real operating environment.

The real operating environment will be particularly important in the development process as it will serve for the development of the prototype beta version, where it is also planned to test and tune the algorithms of the plant control, operation control and communication channels by optimizing the functionality and interoperability of the individual blocks and elements, the design of different ArtuPower elements, housings, mounts and connections.

We are always interested in different types of cooperation – if you are also interested in ArtuPower and are interested in pilot testing on your own vehicles, feel free to contact us.

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants.

Within the project the “ArtuPower” product will be developed up to the level of TRL8 technology readiness level, and the project duration is expected to be 18 months. The total project budget is 132,400 EUR, with a support of 92 680 EUR is intended with the support of the “Norwegian Financial Mechanism’s small grant scheme”.

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