ArtuPower development overview

The ABLabs is starting the work the “Development of “Nordic-CNG”– new type CNG-Diesel-Water technology” project. The project will run 18 months and it is planned to develop the “ArtuPower” product, based on the “Gas ultrasonic transducer system and method for operating a diesel common-rail engine” (H2O-CH) technology.

The project will be structured in four main work packages:

  1. Technology validation in a laboratory environment and alpha prototype development.
  2. Technology validation and technology demonstration in an artificial environment. Achieve the level of TRL5 and TRL6 technology development
  3. Development, testing and demonstration of a prototype beta version of the system in a real operating environment
  4. Full integration of all system elements (including Hardware and Software). Final beta tests of the system under planned operating conditions, testing for certification purposes and Verification and Validation.

While a bulk part of the development is implemented in-house, the work will also include collaboration with 3rd parties in order to speed-up development. This will include both collaboration with research institutions, as well as IT experts, who are specialized in the data management and communication systems.

“An important milestone in the development process will be the actual testing of “ArtuPower” on a heavy-duty vehicle, like a truck or tractor”, highlights the member of the Board – Armands Jurjevs.

Within the project the “ArtuPower” product will be developed up to the level of TRL8 technology readiness level, and the project duration is expected to be 18 months. The total project budget is 132,400 EUR, with a support of 92 680 EUR is intended with the support of the “Norwegian Financial Mechanism’s small grant scheme”.

The project is supported by Norway through the Norway Grants.

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