Artugas a patent protected system that builds on the efficiency and benefits of the Diesel common-rail engine technology and allows to operate the engine using LPG and the respective bio-equivalents. This results in a highly efficient internal combustion engine working with high compression and using alternative fuels. The usage of LPG provides the benefit of less operating costs compared to only using Diesel fuel, as well as reduced emissions generated during engine operation. Artugas is a novel technology in creating a universal system that can be used with all Diesel common-rail engines to blend Diesel fuel with with a high percentage of LPG.

Artugas is designed with the high reliability requirements, performance and work hours of heavy duty vehicles in mind and offers the same power and performance of the engine at a fraction of the emissions. Artugas supports engines up to 18 liters engine displacement in diesel common-rail engines.

In order to ensure easy adaption and simple installation Artugas is designed as a module system. This means, that all necessary processes take place inside the Artugas module and only minor modifications to the engine are required.

The Artugas solution aligns with the overall EU strategy for sustainable low-emission mobility and alternative fuels in order to meet the climate goals of 2030 and 2050 that are part of the EU’s Green Deal.