ABLabs joins Chamber of Commerce and Industry

ABLabs has joined the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) of Latvia. It is the biggest association of entrepreneurs in Latvia uniting 6000 members – micro, small, medium and large enterprises of all regions and industries, associations, city business clubs and other unions of entrepreneurs. Association represents interests of entrepreneurs, as well as provides services, so that Latvia has excellent enterprises in an excellent business environment. Main sectors of its activities are business environment, competitiveness of enterprises, export. The strong network of the LCCI will help ABLabs to start pilot projects and establish collaboration projects with the industry.

This specifically will also provide opportunity ArtuPower, which is based on the “Gas ultrasonic transducer system and method for operating a diesel common-rail engine” technology. ArtuPower allows the use of water vapor and alkane gases, including – liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas (CNG) and their bio-equivalents (BioLPG, BioCNG) to replace in part or in full, diesel in diesel engines of different capacities equipped with common-rail technology.

Within the project the “ArtuPower” product will be developed up to the level of TRL8 technology readiness level, and the project duration is expected to be 18 months. The total project budget is 132,400 EUR, with a support of 92 680 EUR is intended with the support of the “Norwegian Financial Mechanism’s small grant scheme”.

Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.