ABLabs is supported by Norway Grants with 92 680,00 EUR to develop a novel CNG-Diesel-Water technology for large displacement diesel engines.

On February 17th, 2022 SIA “ABLabs” has signed an agreement (Nr. NP-2022/6) with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) for the support of the companys’ project “Development of “NordicCNG” – new type CNG-Diesel-Water technology” as part of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism’s small grant scheme “Development of Green Innovations and Information and Communication Technology Products”.

Within the project “Development of “NordicCNG” new type CNG-Diesel-Water technology” a new product “ArtuPower” for heavy-duty vehicles with an engine capacity of up to 18 liters (e.g. trucks, tractors, buses and agricultural or specialized machinery) will be developed. The “ArtuPower” product will allow customers to adapt diesel-fueled, fuel-intensive transport units to alternative fuel solutions using a more environmentally friendly fuel composition made from a diesel-CNG/Biomethane and a water vapor blend.

Within the project the “ArtuPower” product will be developed up to the level of TRL8 technology readiness level, and the project duration is expected to be 18 months. The total project budget is 132,400 EUR, with a support of 92 680 EUR is intended with the support of the “Norwegian Financial Mechanism’s small grant scheme”.

The implementation of the project also includes cooperation with the Norwegian partner “Norsk Energi”, which will provide its expertise and knowledge in emissions and emission analysis, also providing a seminar for a wider group of stakeholders within the project launch event.

Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.